Preparing A Base For Your Shed


The structure that your garden shed sits on is as important, if not more important than the garden shed itself, because without a solid, level and well-shaped base, the foundations for your garden shed may fail and this may bring your shed and its contents to a state of collapse.

Which type of base is right for my shed?

You need to form a barrier between your garden shed and the ground to prevent water from rising and entering into your garden shed causing damage to your shed panels and to the contents that you store in your garden shed.

There are a number of base foundations that can be appropriate for your garden shed. You can use wood, or concrete, garden slabs or one of the new environmentally friendly selections.

None of these foundations are particularly difficult to prepare and install, but you must make sure that you get the job right.

Some of the companies that can sell you a wooden garden shed can provide you with a matching timber shed base. This is the easiest way to make sure the garden shed will fit exactly on the timber shed base. Alternatively, you can build your own timber shed base and prepare this before the garden shed kit arrives from a supplier. You will need to prepare the area to ensure that it is level before you place to the shed base down, but in most areas, this isn’t a difficult task.

Where you have chosen to build a concrete shed base, it needs to sit on a firm foundation so that it doesn’t collapse into the ground and perhaps break. A simple concrete shed base of 4 to 6 inches deep will provide sufficient foundation for almost any garden shed you’re going to place on top of it.

A new use for garden slabs

Where people have decided not to put particularly heavy items in their garden shed, a simple raking of the area and laying sand and using garden slabs, can provide a good quality base for a garden shed. It is better to place garden slabs along all the parameters for the garden shed to sit on, rather than just placing four slabs at the corners, because this will not support all of the panels of your garden shed properly.

Preparing the ground properly

To complete the groundwork of the area for a base for your shed, the preferable way to organize the area is to compact the ground where your bases to be laid and to check that the area is level; you will need a large spirit level for this or you can place a brick on either side of the area, with a plank of wood across it and the spirit level in the middle to check to see if the area is level.

It is better if there are no stones or other items that can cause an imperfect level for the base because the ground must be extremely solid and level for any of the bearers, be they wood or one of the newer environmentally friendly options, to sit on properly.

If you take the time to prepare the area properly, your choice of garden shed base will provide a barrier between the ground and your shed and keep your shed level, which will make it easier for you to work inside.

If you want to make the best first impression for potential clients, hire a good home staging companies such as RC Homestaging.

The Water System


The plumbing in your house is made up of two systems: the clean-water supply system and the wastewater system. Both systems require periodic attention to keep in good operating condition. However, before you make any major changes in your plumbing, find out what your local plumbing codes require. Most communities have adopted some type of plumbing code.


Clean Water Supply


Water Meter


You have a water meter to measure water consumption for billing purposes if you are on a city water supply or if you purchase your water from a local water association.


You may use the meter, however, to discover how much water you are using for a particular job. First, you must learn how to read it. Locate your meter and study the dial carefully. You can usually tell how to read it. One type reads like a car odometer; a second type reads like your electric meter. Each of the five or six dials contributes one number to the total digit. All meters have a special pointer that makes a complete revolution for each cubic foot of water consumed at a given time.


To measure the amount of water you use for a specific task, such as sprinkling the lawn, read the water meter, perform the task, and then read the meter again.


Shutoff Valve


The most important thing to know about the plumbing in the house is the location of the main shutoff valve. If a pipe breaks or the water heater bursts, turn off the main shutoff valve fast. There also should be various “local” shutoff valves. Locate them, too. There should be one under each sink, on toilet tanks, and on the washing machine.


Detecting Water Leaks


If you want to find out if the water stain on your ceiling is caused by a water leak or a faulty roof, use your meter. Make sure all faucets are off, then watch for 20 minutes the one-foot pointer on your meter. If it moves, even slowly, there is a leak.


If you do not have a meter, plumbing supply stores have available amplifying devices to help determine possible leaks. If you are not confident to find the leaks by yourself, contact a professional company like AB Construction to do this work for you.


Water Noises


Water hammer” is annoying but not serious. It is a phenomenon that occurs when a valve abruptly stops the flow of incoming water.

The problem may be corrected by one of these methods:

  • Replacing an “offending” faucet that is spring-closed with one that is manually closed. The manually closed one operates more slowly.
  • Reducing the high water pressure by closing the main shutoff valve slightly.
  • Checking the temperature on the hot water heater. It should never be above 140 degrees F.
  • Installing a shock absorber to prevent the vibration. This is a job for a professional plumber rather than a do-it-yourselfer.

Repair Leaking Faucets


Leaks are annoying, wasteful, cost money, and stain fixtures. Most leaking faucets are caused by worn out washers.


Supplies Needed To Repair Faucets:

  • Box of assorted sizes of washers, unless you know the size
  • Screwdriver
  • Adjustable wrench

How To Repair:

  • First, turn off the water at the shutoff valve nearest the faucet you are going to repair, then turn on the faucet until the water stops flowing.
  • Loosen packing nuts with wrench. Most nuts loosen by turning counterclockwise. Use the handle to pull out the valve unit.
  • Remove the screw holding the old washer at the bottom of the valve unit.
  • Put in a new washer and replace the screw.
  • Put the valve unit back in the faucet and turn the handle to the proper position.
  • Tighten the packing nut.
  • Turn on the water at the shutoff valve.

Faucets may look different, but they are all built about the same. Mixing faucets used on sinks, laundry tubs, and bathtubs are two units with the same spout. You’ll need to repair each unit separately.


Is water leaking around the packing nut? Try tightening the nut. If it still leaks, remove the handle and loosen the packing nut. If there is a washer under it, replace the washer. If there’s no washer, you may need to wrap the spindle with “packing wicking”; replace packing nut and handle. Turn the water back on at the shutoff valve.


Color Flexible Holders – Adding a Twist to the Usual ID Holders


It’s not a secret that wearing an ID at work or school is one of the most annoying things that you are required to do. You need identification in school and at work for various reasons. Sometimes, those reasons aren’t even really THAT important – but of course, you have to comply because it’s a protocol. Don’t worry too much about it though because there’s a way to make wearing an ID fun and fashionable! How?

Thanks to color flexible ID holders, you can add a unique fashion sense to your ID. You no longer have to be “just like everyone else”. With color flexible holders, you can stamp your own style while wearing your ID. You can make a statement and choose your favorite color. If you’re feeling something on a certain day – or perhaps you’re having a certain mood, there will always be a color to match it.

Color flexible badge holders were meant to secure your IDs properly. It is reliable because it is made with the finest materials to ensure protection for your ID and cards. You can use it for other things too, such as coupons, promo cards, and calling cards.

The main selling point of these color flexible holders though is its wide range of colors available. You can choose from any color you prefer. If you want to show your fierce side, then go for a Red ID holder. Do you want to look cool and calm? Then you should go for Blue. If you’re more of a nature lover, then green is the obvious choice for a color flexible ID holder.

Aside from the common personality statements, color flexible holders also serve its purpose in other more serious things such as breast cancer awareness. If you want to show your support for that, you can sport a pink color flexible badge holder. Then there are also colors dedicated to diabetes and HIV. So if you want to represent a certain cause, then there are color flexible holders dedicated for that too.

Now if you’re wondering where you can buy these awesome color flexible ID holders, the answer is simple. You can find a lot of them in local bookstores and office supply stores. The better option though, if you want a lot more choices is going for an online shop such as Southern Girls Gifts. You can choose from a wide range of options and colors. Some even have graphics that make the badge holder more fun and fashionable.

Wearing IDs didn’t have to be boring. You can still show your fun side at school or at work thanks to color flexible holders. You don’t have to wear boring transparent/plastic ID holders anymore. You can still comply with your school or company’s requirements while not sacrificing your fashion sense and freedom.

If you’re looking for a variety of color flexible badge holders, you should keep in mind that you will get discounts if you order in bulk. You can buy in bulk with various colors so that you will have a lot of options for your daily wear. You can even give color flexible holders to your friends at work or in school.

The possibilities with these kinds of ID holders are endless. You can even wear them without an ID! Some hip-hop artists or rappers wear ID lanyards and colored flexible holders to add to their accessories. It’s a new trend that’s making waves these days so if you want to hop in on that, you should get one for yourself!

Color flexible holders are an affordable option to secure your ID – the additional fun twist it adds because of its colors is just a bonus!


Soothing tea recipes


These are perfect recipes for a calm Sunday afternoon.

Honey Bee Surprise

This steeped tea is sweetened with honey plus a little sugar, and flavored with cinnamon.


4 cups water
4 tsp honey
4 tea bags
2 tsp sugar
1/4 tsp ground cinnamon


Boil water in a pan; add remaining ingredients and stir until combined. Steep 20 minutes before removing tea bags and serving.

Notes: The water must be boiling on low to be correct.


Number of Servings: 4 cups

Nana Renee’s Calico Tea

Brewed tea is poured into cups and a hard candy is dropped in, allowed to partially melt, and then milk is added.


1 Tetley British Blend round tea bag (decaf for the kids, but, grown-ups like it too!)
1 cup boiling water
4 teaspoons sugar
1/2 cup milk

Hard candy of your choice — butterscotch, cinnamon, mint, and choco-mint are all popular.

Bring water to a boil. Pour over the tea bag in one coffee cup. Let steep for two minutes; remove the tea bag and extract excess water. Divide tea into two cups; add 2 tsp. of sugar and one hard candy to each cup. Let sit an additional two minutes for candy to start melting. Add 1/4 milk to each cup to cool off.

Notes: I have been a tea drinker since childhood. My Mother, Irene, used to make me “Calico Tea” (English style) when we would sit and read together. My version, which I make for my grandchildren, lets the children decide what their extra flavor will be and there is the added bonus at the bottom of the cup of the hard candy that is not yet dissolved! Sometimes, when I want a more natural touch to the recipe, I add  tea from Glocal Markets.

Number of Servings: two

Spicy Milk Tea

Fresh ginger, cinnamon sticks, whole cloves and jasmine tea make this a great pick me up or a soothing bedtime drink.


4 cups water
2 cinnamon sticks
6 whole cloves
4 thin slices fresh ginger or 1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
4 teaspoons jasmine tea
1 cup milk or half and half
Cardamon, optional
Mint sprigs for garnish


Bring water to a boil. Add cinnamon, cloves and ginger then simmer, covered, for 10 minutes. Add tea and steep for a few minutes. Add milk, bring to boil again, then remove from heat. Strain with a tea strainer. Serve with a sprinkle of cardamon and a bit of honey. Garnish with mint sprigs.

Number of Servings: 4


Charity Events & Fundraisers


These are often some of the most fun things your group can do. The fact that you can raise money doing it is a bonus. I won’t list every possible fundraising event you can do for your school, church group, or sports team, and couldn’t even if I wanted to. The only limit to what you can do is your imagination.

There are, however, several types of events that have been around forever because they work!

A Car Wash: The Perfect Cheerleader Fundraiser

OK, truth be told, any group can give a car wash. I’ve seen little league baseball teams do it, and when I was in high-school, my Key Club did it. However, and I’m not saying this to be sexist, but if you have high-school or college girls in your group, and they give a car wash, you can be certain that every guy with a car is going to come by. When my Key Club had a car wash, we were pretty evenly mixed between guys and girls, but the vast majority of folks who drove up were guys who wanted to talk to the girls.

Pancake Breakfast: Hard Work, but Great Money

I grew up in a small town in Alabama. Once a year our Key Club would take over the school lunchroom and put on a pancake breakfast with our local Kiwanis Club. I don’t know exactly how much money was raised, but at $3 per person, we had people lined up from 5:00am to almost noon. You need cooperation from your school (or somewhere with an industrial size kitchen), and a lot of willing hands, but this can be a great “one day” fundraising event.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Auctions

These can be a ton of fun, but they’re really only suitable for older groups, such as college groups or local charities. If your high school group has enough “older brothers” or “single moms” or “dads”, then you could put on this type of event as well. Usually, though, these functions are put on by local charities, with local celebrities and personalities serving as the bachelor or bachelorette.

An alternative form of this that might be more suitable for younger age groups is a “hired hand for a day” auction. In this form, you simply auction the use of one of your group members to the highest bidder for a few hours of work, usually something simple like raking leaves, mowing the lawn, etc. There can be numerous variations on this theme, so be creative, and consider how best your group could use this type of fundraiser.

Fun Runs/Walks

I use to love these. Typically held on a Saturday morning, several dozen up to a few hundred folks would gather to run a short distance such as one mile (or walk it, in many cases). There are many ways you can use this as a fundraising event. Typically, the entrants (the runners) would pay an entry fee (say $20), and get a free event T-Shirt. You can often get local businesses to cover the cost of printing the t-shirts, sometimes by having “sponsored by” type ads screen printed on the shirt itself. Our local hamburger joints would always donate 100’s of hamburgers, hot dogs and cokes and thousands of French fries for the participants’ lunch. Local businesses love to help worthy local causes… you just have to ask them.

One variation on this technique is used most famously by the March of Dimes. Each year they hold a ten mile walk-a-thon, where the walkers go around and get people to pledge various amounts for each mile they walk. While that’s the most common approach, be creative, and see what your group can come up with.


This article just scratches the surface. There are infinite ways in which your group or team can hold a fundraiser on a Saturday morning or afternoon and help from animal rescue programs until human trafficking awareness. Be creative. Get your group together and have a brain-storming session.

What You Need To Know About Wine And Pizza

So, you’re reading this article and you’re thinking: what? No way! Pizza and wine could never work! But that is a huge mistake, my friend, and certainly a travesty that you have been missing out on one or the other of the two delicious parts to a whole previous to this article. This said, you are not alone considering that pizza would not work with wine; but again, you are mistaken. Just because pizza may be considered a less formal food than what many consider of wine, does not mean that the flavors cannot work beautifully together. So, I dare you, read the guidelines below about pizza and wine pairings and try it for yourself. Trust me, you will thank me for this eye-opening experience.

Ok. So if you are like me, you always thought the only alcohol that tasted good with pizza was beer, right? Well, of course, it does, but that’s not all. Though beer and pizza may seem to be on the same wave lengths as far as simple flavors and price, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t some wines out there that won’t bring out the flavors in pizza just as nicely, just differently. So stop thinking that pizza is for informal occasions and wine for formal events and start opening your mind to a whole new world of taste experience: one that crosses boundaries and for good cause!

Red Sauce Pizza: When considering pairing your favorite wine with pizza, and wondering if it is a huge faux pas to the wine appreciation world, consider this: pizza is pretty darn close in ingredients to pasta, and pasta dishes are one of the best things noted to pair with wine. This said, what goes best with your standard red sauce pizza with mozzarella and toppings? Treat the acid of the tomato sauce with an acidic red wine for the optimum flavor extravaganza. Try some medium bodied to bold, acidic reds such as: Chardonnay, Chiante, Cabernet, Shiraz, Sangiovese, or even a powerful Zinfandel.

White Sauce Pizza: If you are more of a white pizza fan-that is someone who leaves out the tomato sauce when serving up the slices-then you certainly have your own set of options for wine as well. Since the pizza has light and mild flavors, try a light and mild wine-preferably white to bring out the full flavors in each of the pieces to the tasting experience. Good examples of light white wines that would work great with white pizza are: Sauvignon Blanc, Champagne, and Pinot Grigio.

Whatever you opt for in the wine aisle of your favorite store, try to remember that though pizza is not chopped liver, pre-made pizza is certainly is not something as refined and sophisticated as culinary creations go, so you shouldn’t splurge on that super expensive red or white you have your eye on. Instead, save that wine experience for something that is a bit more complex in flavor-such as perfect crust pizza made in a proper Californo pizza oven.


Is Tooth Whitening the Secret of Happiness?

Everybody wants to know what the secret to a happy life is – and the answer could lie in your smile.

Tooth whitening may sound like a shallow cosmetic procedure for the rich and famous. But in fact, tooth whitening could be at the heart of a happier life. Acting happy or forcing yourself to smile has been proven to make you happier. The phenomenon was discovered by psychologist Fritz Stack who in 1988 carried out an experiment: he asked one group of participants to force a smile by placing a pencil in their mouths for 20 seconds, without touching it with their lips. The other group he asked to frown. The experiment revealed that those who forced a smile reported that they enjoyed a comedy show more than the frowners. The reasons are thought to be physiological – your mind reacts to the physical act of smiling. Tooth whitening will make you feel happier about your smile encouraging you to smile for no apparent reason just to flash your sparkling teeth!


Tooth Whitening to Flash Your Smile

According to the magazine Psychology Today, you need to forget about money and stop worrying about ageing, the key to happiness is acting happy. Some people have a naturally happy disposition regardless of what life throws at them. There are four components that are important for happy people:


  • You have to like yourself! Happy people have good self esteem. If you hate your teeth, invest in tooth whitening – life’s too short to feel unhappy because of something that’s easily fixed. The best predictor of happiness is satisfaction with the self (not family life or friends!) It goes back to the cliché, to discover love you need to love yourself first. Remember: there’s nothing wrong with self enhancement.
  • Be optimistic (but realistic) – if you’re filled with hope, you’ll be happy. Always see the glass as half full. Studies have proven that optimists have been found to be healthier too as pessimistic mindsets make us more vulnerable to illness. Optimists also enjoy greater success because they’re more likely to say yes to people than no.
  • Be Outgoing – People who are happy to flash happy-go-lucky smiles tend to feel happy with their looks and teeth. Tooth whitening has been used by every Hollywood celebrity around to boost their appeal! The more self assured you are, the more likely you are to like yourself and exude confidence – qualities that are likely to bring you success in life. Extroverts are statistically more likely to get married, find a good job and have close friends.
  • Be in Charge of Your Destiny – If you hate your yellowing teeth, take control and book a tooth whitening session! People who feel they have personal control over their lives have been found to be happier. Feeling in control can create ‘extraordinary positive feelings of happiness’ and help you deal with stress.

Personality is hard to change but if you want to become a happier person, you can act yourself happy. By presenting yourself in a self enhancing way (rather than a self-deprecating way) you will change how people respond to you and build better self esteem. So get smiling!

Make Your Own Low-Sodium Pizza

Delicious and Healthy Alternative Italian Favorite


The basics of a pizza are fairly simple, and generally are healthful ingredients. There’s the crust, the sauce, the meat, the cheese, and the seasonings. That’s where the “basics” end and the creative juices can begin flowing.

While you may have given up a weekly visit to Pizza Hut, California Pizza, Sbarro’s, or Domino’s, it is not the end of the world. You can put together a heart-healthy and fantastic tasting pizza that has half the sodium of the average cheese (no meat) pizza at any of these pizza parlors – and this recipe includes meat!

The Basic Pizza Ingredients and Their Sodium Content

  • Pizza Shell (one medium pizza for two people) – look for Mama Mary’s which has 186 mgs of sodium for 1/4 of 10″ crust. The average of other brands (i.e. Boboli) for 1/5 of crust (one slice) averages 330 mg of sodium.
  • Pizza-style tomato sauce – Ragu’s Pizza Sauce Homestyle has 260 mgs per 2.2 oz serving (compared to their Pizza Quick Traditional which has 380 mgs). Other brands may go as high as 780 to 800 mgs. of sodium.
  • Olive oil (extra-virgin) or canola oil – zero milligrams of sodium

Meat Toppings

  • Ground Beef – 90% lean, 85 mg sodium per 3 oz serving
  • Chicken – thigh meat, skinless, broiled, 46 mgs per thigh; white meat 3 oz. broiled, skinless, 64 mgs per serving
  • Italian sweet sausage – Perdue turkey sausage, grilled, 490 mgs per 3 oz serving (regular Italian sweet sausage may have up to 900 mgs per 3 oz serving.)
  • Pepperoni – hard to find a “low-sodium” brand, but Wegman’s Italian Classic deli Italian sausage is 480 mgs per 1 oz. serving. Use very sparingly, if you must!

Fruit and Vegetable Toppings

  • Onions – 0
  • Fresh tomatoes – 1 mg per thin small slice (.5 oz)
  • Mushrooms – 0
  • Artichoke hearts – 1/2 cup boiled, drained, no salt added, 80 mgs sodium
  • Pineapple – 0
  • Fresh basil – 0
  • Fresh spinach – 8 mg
  • Pesto – 1/4 cup, 720 mgs (may vary by brand, but is very salty.)
  • Pine nuts – 0


  • Provolone – Sargento, regular, full-fat, 1 slice (.7 oz) – 125 mgs sodium (reduced fat is 140 mgs) Alpine Lace Reduced Fat & Sodium – 190 mgs. (per 1 oz); shredded – Sargento Aged 1/4 cup – 240 mgs.
  • Mozzarella – fresh, 1 oz balls, 20 mgs. Kraft Natural Shredded, 2% Milkfat, 200mgs per 1 oz. Most part-skim mozzarella is between 175 and 200 mgs per oz.
  • Swiss Cheese – 1 oz. slice, 54 mgs; shredded, 1 cup (3.8 oz) 207 mgs
  • Parmesan – 1 tablespoon grated, 76 mgs (.2oz)

Toppings to be Avoided

  • Anchovies
  • Capers
  • Cheddar Cheese
  • Shaved Parmesan
  • Hot Italian sausage
  • deli meats like ham, bologna, salami, bacon

Recipe for Home-Made Low-Sodium Pizza

Prepare your pizza oven.

  1. Use one 10″ shell, brushed with 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. Spread half of a jar of pizza sauce (7 oz.) over entire crust.
  2. Slice fresh tomato thinly, approximately eight slices, and place four on each half/side of pizza. (Two per slice).
  3. Slice the onion thinly, and separate the ring sections individually; place around pizza evenly.
  4. Brown 1/3 pound (approx. 6 oz) hamburger, (or use one cooked chicken thigh or 1/2 cooked chicken breast, skinless). Drain and distribute the finely-broken up ground beef around the pizza surface.
  5. Top with broken-up pieces of one slice of provolone, 1/2 cup Swiss cheese, or 1 oz fresh mozzarella. A combination of any of these is okay if you are careful to measure and take into account all amounts of sodium.
  6. Pineapple chunks, mushrooms, fresh basil leaves, and Italian spices such as oregano, basil, and black pepper, may be added to taste.

Grill the pizza directly on the oven rack placed in the center of the oven. Set the temperature according to directions on the package (start at 450 degrees, to preheat the oven, turn down to 425 and cook for 7-10 minutes.) Cut into 6 slices, 2 slices per serving. Serves 2-3.

Sodium totals will vary depending on the toppings you choose. The basic combination of sauce, olive oil, ground beef, tomato, onion, and Swiss cheese will be approximately 1100 mgs of sodium for 2 slices. If your diet restricts you to 2000 mgs daily or less, this is the amount in half a day’s allowance. A half of a cheese pizza (no meat) at a pizza fast-food chain averages 2100 mgs of sodium.

The pleasure in making your own low-sodium pizza is in the variety of toppings you can add to add interest to your diet, while being in control of your sodium intake. You don’t have to deny yourself the yumminess of “real” pizza!

Flax: Holistic and Natural Health From a Centuries-old Herb

How does something so small become one of nature’s most nutrient-packed and potent holistic food? Flaxseed has been utilized throughout the ages with documentation indicating cultivation in Babylon around 3000 BC. The health benefits of flaxseed so impressed King Charlemagne during the eighth century that his entire kingdom was required by law to include it in their daily diet.

Flax -Holistic and Natural Health From a Centuries-old Herb

Natural Health Begins With Natural Foods Such as Flax

This small package of nutritional power contains high levels of the vitamin B complex, manganese and magnesium. However, this is far from flaxseed’s total package. Containing high performance compounds which include omega-3 fatty acids, lignans and fiber, flaxseed is quickly gaining a reputation as today’s wonder food. These three compounds are all essential for optimum health and to maintain a well-functioning system.

Omega-3s are the good fat the body needs in order to support a healthy heart while the lignan compound includes both antioxidant elements and plant estrogen. Flaxseed is known to contain the highest amount of lignan among plant foods and has been noted as an agent in the prevention of breast cancer. Finally, flaxseed contains that all important fiber. Insoluble and soluble fibers are both needed for a well-functioning digestive tract.

flaxseedsFlaxseed Fights Cholesterol, Constipation and More

A seed with a punch, flaxseed has been documented as a preventative against a number of cancers, including breast, colon and prostate as well as a growth inhibitor of tumors. The antioxidant compounds may be effective against heart disease, cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, inflammation, constipation and hot flashes. Individuals with diabetes may also benefit as flaxseed is also adept at blood sugar stabilization.

Natural Health the Easy Way Using Flax

bread with flaxseedsAdding flaxseed daily is a simple and easy process. The ground seeds may be added to salads, cereals, and yogurt, bread or muffin recipes. Today, it is already included in a variety of prepared products such as bread, crackers, pasta, snack foods, hummus, oatmeal and waffles.

Always check the labels and purchase products with ground flax rather than whole. It can also be added to condiments such as mustard or mayonnaise and included on sandwiches and in spreads.

This nutritional powerhouse is available in a number of forms, including whole, which can be ground as needed, already ground or in pill form as flaxseed oil. Ground flaxseed tends to offer the greatest benefits as it is easily absorbed, while whole flaxseed tends to pass through undigested. An electric coffee grinder is the perfect appliance for grinding whole seeds.

It is recommended that the whole seed is purchased and ground as needed. Both whole and ground should be kept in the freezer to maintain freshness. The freezer prevents oxidization and nutritional value loss.

Exercise Tips for Busy People

Exercise Tips for Busy People

While most experts will advise that a rigorous workout followed by a strict diet can help you lose chunks of fat, not many people have the time to follow the same. Traffic and long office hours make it impossible for people to work out at the gym on a regular basis. The need of the hour is some effective exercises or activities that could possibly fit in your busy routine itself, especially during those phases when you have missed gym for weeks.

Keeping the constraints of time, distance and lifestyle in mind, here are a few effective exercise tips that easily fit in your routine.

Exercise Tips for Men

Exercise Tips for Men

  • If you find it too lazy to wake up early and go for a full jogging session, try waking up only 15 minutes before your normal waking hours. Power jogs of 15 minutes in the morning or after coming back from work are highly effective.
  • “At work, use staircase instead of lifts. The more floors you climb, the better for you,” writes RJSKOCCHAR in his the article “Office Health and Fitness Regime – Burn Calories While in the Office” on the Health n Fitness Care website.
  • In another article entitled “Tips for Top 10 Effective Office Exercises” by the same writer, he writes, “In case your workstation is on the first or second floor, avoid using internal phone facilities. Instead, take the stairs and meet your colleagues in person. This helps you socialize, connect and also a good way to keep those calories burning.”
  • If you have a sedentary job, stand up after every one hour and stretch your body. Follow this by bending your upper body and then stretching your hands till they touch your toes. A set of five on an interval of every one hour is effective.
  • Men should try washing their cars every weekend and we mean a full washing session – cleaning, polishing etc. It’s a great stress buster and also good for your abs.
  • If you have kids, join them in their games and other activities.

Exercise Tips for Women

Exercise Tips for Women

  • Household work will not only help you burn calories, but also tone your abs. So, sweeping, cleaning, and gardening are actually fun ways to lose weight for women.
  • Window shopping – “Shopping can burn some extra calories”, write Alan Titchenal and Joannie Dobbs in an article on the Nutrition ATC website. It’s amazing how one hour of window shopping can help you burn calories. It is a treat for your eyes, mind and body!
  • With most housewives, the beginning of the day is very hectic with activities like sending kids to school etc. Here’s good news! Experts actually say that afternoon is the best time for workout because your body is light. So join that special 50% discount afternoon membership and get your dose of fat loss exercises just before lunch time.
  • For working women, those frequent face washes and touch-ups in the ladies room can be utilized by climbing up to a washroom on the floor which is above or below your workstation.

Even though these tips might help you stay a little fit, the benefits of complete workout session are far better. However, till you manage to get some time to visit the gymnasium, do keep following these effective exercises tips that will keep you “fit” without hampering your busy routine!