Flax: Holistic and Natural Health From a Centuries-old Herb

How does something so small become one of nature’s most nutrient-packed and potent holistic food? Flaxseed has been utilized throughout the ages with documentation indicating cultivation in Babylon around 3000 BC. The health benefits of flaxseed so impressed King Charlemagne during the eighth century that his entire kingdom was required by law to include it in their daily diet.

Flax -Holistic and Natural Health From a Centuries-old Herb

Natural Health Begins With Natural Foods Such as Flax

This small package of nutritional power contains high levels of the vitamin B complex, manganese and magnesium. However, this is far from flaxseed’s total package. Containing high performance compounds which include omega-3 fatty acids, lignans and fiber, flaxseed is quickly gaining a reputation as today’s wonder food. These three compounds are all essential for optimum health and to maintain a well-functioning system.

Omega-3s are the good fat the body needs in order to support a healthy heart while the lignan compound includes both antioxidant elements and plant estrogen. Flaxseed is known to contain the highest amount of lignan among plant foods and has been noted as an agent in the prevention of breast cancer. Finally, flaxseed contains that all important fiber. Insoluble and soluble fibers are both needed for a well-functioning digestive tract.

flaxseedsFlaxseed Fights Cholesterol, Constipation and More

A seed with a punch, flaxseed has been documented as a preventative against a number of cancers, including breast, colon and prostate as well as a growth inhibitor of tumors. The antioxidant compounds may be effective against heart disease, cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, inflammation, constipation and hot flashes. Individuals with diabetes may also benefit as flaxseed is also adept at blood sugar stabilization.

Natural Health the Easy Way Using Flax

bread with flaxseedsAdding flaxseed daily is a simple and easy process. The ground seeds may be added to salads, cereals, and yogurt, bread or muffin recipes. Today, it is already included in a variety of prepared products such as bread, crackers, pasta, snack foods, hummus, oatmeal and waffles.

Always check the labels and purchase products with ground flax rather than whole. It can also be added to condiments such as mustard or mayonnaise and included on sandwiches and in spreads.

This nutritional powerhouse is available in a number of forms, including whole, which can be ground as needed, already ground or in pill form as flaxseed oil. Ground flaxseed tends to offer the greatest benefits as it is easily absorbed, while whole flaxseed tends to pass through undigested. An electric coffee grinder is the perfect appliance for grinding whole seeds.

It is recommended that the whole seed is purchased and ground as needed. Both whole and ground should be kept in the freezer to maintain freshness. The freezer prevents oxidization and nutritional value loss.