Natural Sleeping Remedies – Stop Insomnia Without Sleeping Pills

Natural Sleeping Remedies - Stop Insomnia Without Sleeping Pills

Everyone has the occasional sleepless night where you just aren’t tired, something is playing on your mind or the neighbours are making way too much noise! But for people who suffer from insomnia a sleepless night is a regular and incredibly annoying occurrence.

Anyone who suffers from insomnia can of course try sleeping tablets. However, many people are wary of unnatural sleeping aids as they can be addictive, have unpleasant side effects and simply mask an actual underlying problem. So if you can’t sleep but don’t want to take sleeping pills why not try some of these natural sleeping remedies.

Herbal Sleeping Remedies

herbal sleeping remedies - lavender

Herbal sleeping remedies help aid sleep not just by calming and relaxing the physical body but also by creating a calming environment and relaxing the mind. Lavender can be found in many room sprays, scented candles and massage oils, all of which can create a relaxing environment and relax the body, which is ideal for a good night’s sleep.

herbal sleeping remedies

Other herbal sleeping remedies include chamomile, lemon verbena and lime flower. All of these can be found in specialist herbal teas, another product that actively relaxes the body for sleep and creates a calm atmosphere. Many people recommend hot milk for getting to sleep so why not hot, herbal tea!

Change Your Diet to Help Aid Sleep

foods that promote sleep

It may seem obvious to say but both caffeine and sugar can have adverse affects on sleeping patterns. Caffeine in coffee, soft drinks and chocolate bars can give the body too much unwanted energy, cause restlessness of mind and body and disrupt sleep. Meanwhile, too much sugar during the day can cause uneven blood sugar levels at night or a “come down” from a sugar high, resulting in poor sleep.

Alternatively, there are many foods that are good for sleep. Believe it or not, bananas are a fantastic sleeping aid. Bananas contain soothing serotonin and the muscle relaxant magnesium. A couple of bananas half an hour before you go to bed could be just the right natural sleeping remedy you need.

Other foods which are good for sleep include:

  • Turkey – Rich in the body’s natural sleep inducing chemical Tryptophan.
  • Almonds – Full of Tryptophan and Magnesium and quite yummy.
  • Dairy products – Try milk or cottage cheese as a sleeping aid (as long as you’re not lactose intolerant!).
  • Honey – A relaxing food product that is especially good for sleep when mixed with lemon in hot water.
  • Potatoes – Can help cleanse the body of sleep preventing acids.

lifestyle changes that aid sleepLifestyle Changes That Can Help Aid Sleep

A simple, regular bedtime routine can be a very effective natural sleep remedy. Going to bed at the same time every night, doing the same cleaning routine before hand or reading for the same amount of time etc. can be a great way to naturally regulate the bodies sleeping pattern.

Another natural sleeping remedy in terms of lifestyle is literally exhausting the body! Insomnia can be caused by either too much physical energy or too much mental energy. If you have a physically strenuous lifestyle but not mentally strenuous lifestyle, try reading every night before bed to exhaust the mind. However, if it is the other way around, try exhausting the body with regular exercise.

Natural Sleeping Remedies

So there you have it, why not try some of these natural sleeping remedies to help tackle insomnia and restless nights. All of these techniques are quick, easy to do and mean you can get to sleep without having to use unnatural sleeping tablets.